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SPECIFICATIONS: 9.5" diameter with lock up STALL RANGE: Custom tuned to your application. APPLICATION: AODE/4R70W,5R55 Intended for Mustangs pro-touring muscle cars and hot street rods, This lock up torque converters utilize the same heavy duty components found in Billit Race converters. And both types of converters are custom built to match your vehicle specs. The difference between our Race Converters,Race converters is in the tune. After collecting vehicle and intended usage data, we'll custom build a ProDrive torque converter with correct stall to launch the car and superior efficiency and torque multiplication for part throttle daily driving.We are famous for balancing efficiency and stall speed. Expect no less than the best of both worlds: Crisp throttle response during low load, part throttle driving with tire frying power when you're on the mat! FEATURES: -High Efficiency Turbine/Impeller Cores -Custom Tuned Stall Speed -Heavy Duty Lock Up Clutch -CAD Engineering -CNC Machined 1-Piece Steel Front Covers -Anti-Balloon Plates -Torrington Needle Bearings -Furnace Brazed Fins -Precision Robotic Welding -Digital Balancing NO CORE CHARGE!!!
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